Video Production

Our portfolio of experience is as diverse as our client base, and we have loyal, repeat customers from an array of industries to show for it.


Humorous Whiteboard Video for Prescription Parody

If you’re feeling a little down, maybe you need to follow this humorous advice… We love the whiteboard style videos, as they can be used for a variety of companies. We created this subtle and humorous whiteboard video as another demo of our work. We know this topic has been covered many times, but we had fun with it.

Whiteboard Video for Bracket Algebra

We created this whiteboard video from a PowerPoint presentation to bring this demo to life. We love the whiteboard style videos, as they can be used for a variety of companies.

Live Action Video Production – Rose Hills Memorial

We partnered with LA Ads to produce, shoot and edit this live action video for Rose Hills Memorial Park. This is one of a series of videos called “Short Takes”. The video series is a humorous take on a somber subject.

Clay Lacy Scholarship Video Production

Video shoot and edit for Clay Lacy Scholarship Promotional video.

DRT Tradeshow Video Presentation

A video presentation developed for an industry tradeshow to help bring eyes to the booth.

UV24 Tradeshow Video

In collaboration with LA Ads, we took an existing video, reproduced and edited content, including video clips, voice over, still photos and effects.

Merrill Datasite Security Video

A security video produced for digital marketing with infographics, animation and voiceover.

Aerial Drone Photography Demo

Now offering aerial drone photography as part of our services, take a look at our demo from a recent trip back to upstate New York. This video also introduces a new brand, “Get up, Get out – Live!”– Filmed in Lake George and Lake Mohonk, New York.

Happy New Year Video

L.A. Design Studio & KiddGlobal working together to develop corporate, screen casting, infographics, software and live-action videos.

Merrill DataSite Feature Focus Video Series

L.A. Design Studio & KiddGlobal teamed up once again to serve Merrill Datasite’s video production needs. We produced a series of videos that focus on new features in the virtual data room. This project required scripting, screen-casting, voice-over, sound-effects, title-effects and logo treatment.

Web Design Company Promo Piece

We put together a short video promo piece for L.A. Design Studio – a sample of sorts and a video experiment. Let us know what you think.

Merrill DataSite Times Square Commercial

At L.A. Design Studio, we recognize that our customers often come to us with huge marketing challenges and we see it as our job to deliver high value solutions even in the face of potential obstacles.

CNI Indie Go Go Campaign

The film is about life after the friend-zone. It’s a small, emotional story, about two ex lovers who fight to maintain their friendship because they have no-one else. It truthfully portrays what life is like when the only person who truly understands you is your ex. It focuses on being genuine and original, avoiding the cliches that plague the standard indie love-drama.

Events Video Production Samples

A sampling of our live event work that demonstrates our ProColor, color enhancement process. Projects include: The Oscars, The Oscars Governor’s Ball Preview, Santa Clarita Wine Fest, Weddings, Live Entertainment, MMA and The Saturn Awards.

ST4GE Promotional Video

Promotional video for Vallejo Drive’s ST4GE – a place for high school upperclassmen to hang out, play ping pong and air hockey with a little conversation on relevant life issues mixed in.

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